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Maret 30, 2020
Komentar Dinonaktifkan pada WFH through E4secretary

Jakarta 30/03/2020 | QioskKOEAS through STREAMINGsystem :


Not only business activities and business continuity that are felt to be very important for the achievement of hopes and ideals to be achieved in an effort to achieve the expected success on various sides.
It is needed to stay connected with the work team in relationships that take off, or in providing supportive communication in the family environment and including up to potential and existing customers and customers, including with community acquisition targets that make a target goal achieved. Not only situations in conditions that require a special condition, or whatever situation is encountered or wherever it is, including in close or far distances.

Unlimited distance, transportation, and other disturbances are not expected so that they become part of the causes of obstructions to the expected destination indefinitely or within a predetermined period of time. The need for conference activities ranging from conventional video is as simple and parallel as face-to-face meetings, and in the current era that knows no time limits and the real place has always been available and possible. Allows access and continuity and activities to be completed and done from anywhere. Either today or to set a specific time period planned.

Now almost 20 years (2000s era) a teleconference activity, electronic mail including electronic messages through mobile communication media has been available even though the infrastructure in accordance with the era and era of the era of technology when it was available and understood by some with science or actually can not be separated from the world of technology or only limited to building a long-distance communication, everything has taken place anywhere at that time, it has been running without obstacles only limited to the need for understanding and willingness, including integrity and simplicity which cannot be accepted globally. The next 20 years since 2000, the mobile era has become a contemporary lifestyle in the Year 4.0 era, it seems to be an indispensable thing, where in fact Work from Home by looking at the era of the 2000s, which has actually been unnoticed by some communities and some of the people on this earth / earth.

The presence of the Corona Drama makes everything return as an “extraordinary thing” with the necessity of Work from Home, which actually with an early understanding of the nature of integrity and simplicity should have been done by all those in the Earth, when a demand to be done. . . It is time to become a self re-flexion that the real Earth that really should
be guarded / guarded becomes a necessity for what seems to say DRAMA is a “tabu” thing. . . . .

We understand and care (Emphaty) and emphasize the importance of our E4attitude (Education, Environment, Empowerment through Energizing / E-lifestyle) in behavioral transformation, because it presents and continues to TUMBUK develop the above program through our KOEAS make communication technology
through our KOEAS ( Collaboration Technology Education Culture Art ).
We make everything all of communication technology through collaboration between analog technology and digital technology coz we’ll make an art means of our goals coz ART meaning Attitude Revitalisation through Transformer by KOEAS which contains :

• Streaming Recording System (Integrated and Simplicity Communication ) | • MIS Cashier System ( Accountable Goals ) | • QVA System ( Quality Value Awareness ) until we make UPS ( not just Uninterruptible Power Supply coz Urbanlife Private Sector and System ) | All of these more of Focus Being Discuss to get true destination solution

▪️ Hakekat KampoengBIRU can prove the meaning of the word to build Kampoeng INDONESIAKU | Build My Indonesia ( Bangun Indonesiaku ) through the essence of Rebu Urbanlife   KABEH! | Karya Anak Bangsa seputar Enerji Hijau

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